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Availability of Puppies



We have babies available throughout the year.  If you don't see a puppy in these litters that you want to adopt, please feel free to contact me about the upcoming litters.  We have all coats, sizes and colors.  Price's vary due to color and gender.  The colors we have are apricot, cream, white, black, silver, phantom, chocolate, white, carmel and mocha.  The coats range from straight, wavy, wavy curly and curly.  Sizes vary.....depending on size of parents.  I have small, meduim and large doodles.  F1's and F1b's are avialable also. 



  • F1 goldendoodle    golden retriever bred to a poodle
  • F1b goldendoodle  poodle bred to a F1 goldendoodle


To see pictures of available pups click on subtitle (Adoptable Puppies).

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