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Welcome to Daisy's Goldendoodles.  Pet professionals since 1994!
We began breeding with Daisy and Kera, our first mother dogs.  And decided that this was the passion of our lives.  Within time we added our line of Goldendoodles and fell in love all over again.  All of our adult dogs live on our farm and are loved very much by our family. Our puppies receive tender loving care and live with their litter until they go to their new homes.
We have an excellent reputation our veterinarians who help us raise wonderful healthy pups and will recommend us highly.
Please browse our website to find out more about our dogs, to see pictures of puppies that are available and previous litters.  Learn how you can adopt a Daisy Pup of your very own!
We have an Animal Care Facility License from the state of Missouri.  We are proud of our facility.  Our pups are family raised in a heated/air conditioned environment.  We strive to raise healthy happy well-socialized puppies. 
Bob Riley and Terry Grayson

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